Gothia Cup

Liseberg offer for all Gothia Cup participant

Enjoy world-class amusement rides! A visit to Liseberg is a must during the Gothia Cup week, and now all participants can enjoy Liseberg’s offer on admission and rides.

Stefan Karlberg / Mediabank Liseberg

At Liseberg, a lot is pretending, but the experiences are real. The visit lasts for a few hours, but it creates memories to pick up whenever you want. In the amusement park, rides, beautiful floral plantings, games, dancing, music, and good food await the whole family. At Kaninlandet, the youngest can discover both playgrounds and carousels that tickle their small stomachs. For the slightly bigger ones, everything awaits from mighty Valkyria and other tough rides like Loke, Helix and Mechanica to classics like Lisebergbanan, FlumeRide and Balder.

Stefan Karlberg / Mediabank Liseberg

A whole day of fun at Liseberg. You can buy an All-in-One pass that includes admission and as many rides as you want for an extra-special tournament price. If you just want to chill in the park, you naturally get a discount on admission. See you at Liseberg!

Discount applies when you show a valid participant card, that you will receive when checking in to Gothia Cup.