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When you book your hotel with us, Gothia Card is included in the cost. Gothia Card gives you many unique offers and discounts on tourist attractions. In order for the options and costs below to apply, the booking must be made through Gothia Cup. The costs are per room for six nights (arrival July 14th, departure July 20th) and includes breakfast and Gothia Card. Extra nights are subject to availability. Minimum five nights can be booked. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

The booking is made through Gothia Cup that will send you a confirmation.

Deposit: A deposit of 25% of the room cost is to be paid to Gothia Cup within 30 days after your booking has been made.
Final payment: To be received by Gothia Cup at the latest June 10th, 2024. If the final payment is not made on time the reservation will be cancelled. For bookings made after June 10th the final payment is due within five days.

Changes and cancellation:
Changes in room type are subject to availability.
If a single person is cancelled and this leads to a change in room type, only the difference between the room types is refunded, not the price per person. If a room is used by fewer persons than it is booked for (for example three persons staying in a quad room) the full price for the room will be charged.

Cancellation after May 10th is charged with 25% of the room cost.
Cancellation after June 10th is charged with 100% of the room cost.