Age control - Gothia Cup

Age control

Valid identification

We accept the following identifications:

  • Valid passport

Each ID MUST have photo of holder. All ID documents MUST be valid, check now if your players have valid identification.

Time and location

The age control can be carried out on all playing fields used during the Gothia Cup. At the playing fields the age control will be open as long as matches are being played.

The age control must be completed at the latest at Tuesday on 12.00 hours. The teams can play both Mondays and Tuesdays matches without having completed the age control. 

The age control can also be carried out at the Central Information at Heden at the following times:
Saturday July 16th, 12.00-16.00
Sunday July 17th, 08.00-21.00
Monday July 18th, 08.00-19.00
Tuesday July 19th, 08.00-12.00

We recommend that you complete the age control at the pitch in connection to your match.

Important considerations

All teams have to complete the participants list digitally at Gothia Account. The list of participants then have to be printed and brought to the age control.

Teams in the age categories girls and boys 11 and 12 do not have to do the age control. Teams in these age categories only need to submit the list of participants. The list of participants can be submitted at the same locations where the age control is taking place.

All players that will participate in the tournament MUST be included on the list of participants. You may NOT complete the list with new names after the age control is completed.

If a player cannot be present at the age control, the name of the player must be included on the list of participants when the team is doing the age control. The player, along with a responsible leader must then go to the Central Information at Heden to complete the age control afterwards for only that player. This must be done before the player plays his/her first match. You may NOT add a player who is not on the list. It should ONLY be done if a player gets injured or ill during the tournament. Then you MUST have a doctor's certificate stating that player X can no longer participate in the tournament.

A player may represent the same club/school in VARIOUS age groups, but the player may NOT represent different teams in the SAME age group. If a player represents a club/school in several age classes, the player MUST be included on the list of participants for all teams this player will be playing with. The player MUST also attend and conduct the age control with all team he/she will be playing with.



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