The livestream

The livestream

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Together with our main partner SKF, we can offer all live-streams free of charge.

Watch over 1300 matches from anywhere in the world.

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Artificial Intelligence

All games are live-streamed with automated cameras that follows the movement on the pitch. This way we can offer the best viewing experience possible.

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The matches can be found in our app or on our website. Just look up the match you want to see. All matches broadcasted live are marked with a play icon in the schedule. The live broadcasts can be watched on both the computers, phones and tablets.

During Gothia Cup 2019 we broadcasted live from the pitches below:

Grimbo 1, Grimbo 2, Grimbo 3, Grimbo 4, SKF Arena, Heden 3, Heden 4, Heden 5, Heden 6, Prioritet Serneke Arena (Kviberg) 1, Prioritet Serneke Arena (Kviberg) 2, Kviberg 4, Kviberg 2 Kviberg 3, Kviberg 5, Ruddalen 1, Ruddalen 2, Ruddalen 5, Åby 1, Åby 2, Åby 4, Åby 5, Bravida Arena, Valhalla IP, Mjörnvallen 1, Mjörnvallen 2, Gerdskenvallen 1, Noltorpsvallen 1 och Gamla Ullevi.



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