Gothia Cup


Gothia Cup aims to be a meeting place for the world’s children and youths regardless of religion, skin color, culture or ethnicity. With football as the common denominator, we want to create meetings, meetings that provide knowledge and leads to self-development both on and off the pitch here at home in Sweden and abroad.


To have an active leisure time

Gothia Cup Foundation is a collection of projects that Gothia Cup runs in order to give children and youths who otherwise would not have had the chance, the opportunity for educational and active leisure time.

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Meet the World

Meet the World


Meet the World is a project Gothia Cup runs together with SKF. The project, which consists of smaller tournaments around the world aims to create global meeting places for youths regardless of gender, social background, age, culture and religion. The winning teams get the chance to travel to Gothenburg to represent their country and SKF in the Gothia Cup. Every year Meet the World tournaments are arranged in twenty to thirty countries. 

Gothia Special Olympics Trophy

Founded by Kim Källström

In Gothia Special Olympics Trophy youths with some kind of intellectual disability gets the opportunity to participate in The World Youth Cup. The love for football is the common denominator for all of us. Gothia Special Olympics Trophy is a co-operation between Gothia Cup, Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia, Special Olympics Sweden and Kim Källström.


Gothia Cup Village

In Africa

In Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso, we built a football facility with fields, changing rooms and community centers. The students did not just play football, but also participated in social activities to learn about democracy, equality, and how to prevent HIV/Aids.

Ten years ago we inaugurated along with Equmenia Church (former Swedish Mission Church), a similar school in Congo-Brazzaville. Focus is on giving the children a meaningful leisure time through sports, mainly football, gymnastics and volleyball. In addition, education in democracy and equality as well as English is conducted. The center also has a popular library. Gothia Village has become a central place in the community where hundreds of youths meet daily. The school and its activities are led by local leaders, coaches and instructors.

During this time we have also been able to co-finance a school in Kimpese, Congo-Kinshasa. The Equmenia Church is running this school.

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Gothia Cup Fundraising Program

Powered by our social partners

Each year, Gothia Cup helps teams to get to the tournament. Through participation and travel grants given to teams that otherwise would not have the opportunity to participate in the World Youth Cup.

As Social Partner, you support Gothia Cup Foundation, with the attitude that it is possible to change the world thru football. Our Social Partners is taking an active role in the community by having a sponsor team in Gothia Cup. By focusing on sustainability and community involvement our Social Partners help develop Gothia Cup.