Gothia Cup develops youth from around the world.

Encounters between people and cultures foster understanding, knowledge, and perspective. Within Celebrate the People, Gothia Cup emphasizes how we actively prepare youth from around the world for adulthood through lifelong memories.

In a world marked by conflicts, increased sedentary lifestyles, and challenges for youth to gain early work experience, we stand as a contrast. Gothia Cup, rooted in its international foundation, serves as a place for friendship across borders. Through our foundation, thousands of hours of physical activity, and our volunteer program, we make a difference.

Gothia Cup Foundation

The conditions for participating in sports are unequal across the world. Where you are born should not prevent you from having life-changing experiences and developing through sports.

Gothia Cup is a meeting place for children and youth from around the world, regardless of their social or cultural background, with football as our common denominator.

The Foundation is a fund where we allocate resources that are then provided to teams from less privileged countries, allowing them the opportunity to participate on equal terms with other teams.


There is a shortage of summer jobs and other employment opportunities that serve as young people's first steps into the job market. Thanks to the role of officials at Gothia Cup, approximately 2000 individuals in the Gothenburg region receive a meaningful job assignment during the tournament week. They gain a CV and a sense of belonging, responsibility, and, unlike volunteer-driven events, some compensation.


Young people are moving too little, as shown by many studies. At the same time, studies demonstrate that youth involved in organized sports are more physically active overall, spend less time sitting still, and use their phones less compared to those who are not involved in organized sports.

During Gothia Cup 2023, the matches contributed to 77,829 hours of movement for youth from around the world. Gothia Cup provides life-changing experiences, likely encouraging young people to continue with their sports longer, which is a crucial factor in maintaining an active lifestyle throughout life.

Gothia Special Olympics Trophy

The Gothia Special Olympics Trophy offers youth with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to participate in The World Youth Cup. The common denominator for all of us is the love for football. The Gothia Special Olympics Trophy is a collaboration between Gothia Cup, Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia, Special Olympics Sweden, and Kim Källström.