When will Gothia Cup be played?

Gothia Cup 2024 is between 14-20 juli (week 29).

When does the assignments start?

Dates vary depending on which assignment you have. You will find more details under available assignments. Most of our assignments is between 13-21 juli, 2024.

Who is behind Gothia Cup?

Gothia Cup is 100 percent owned by the non-profit association BK Häcken.

When can I apply to join the crew?

We aim to open the applications at the start of every year for the current tournament. At the moment you can only apply for the assignment "School Host" if you are an international residence living in Sweden.

What is required to apply as a crew member?

We are looking for you who are structured and thrives in a role of responsibility. Service is something you are particularly passionate about. In addition, you are cheerful and love to support and helt others.

Are there many applicants to join the crew?

Yes, there are many. Each year we have approximately 2000 new applications. There are also many who return from year to year, which we are very happy about.

There is also a variety of people, from 16-60+ with different backgrounds, the majority are from Gothenburg but we also have some who come from other cities.

What should I consider before I'm applying to join the crew?

The most important thing, apart from filling in your personal data correctly, is that you carefully read through which assignment(s) suit you best - and that you are of age. If you also give us a good presentation of yourself and why you want to be part of the Gothia Cup, that is an extra plus.

Is there any breaks?

Yes you may. It is important that you get the opportunity to take breaks and eat properly. However, it is difficult to have fixed times for daily breaks and meal breaks. It is important to be flexible and plan breaks together with the person in charge.

I have no accommodation in Gothenburg. Do you arrange accommodation for officials?

No, unfortunately we are not able to offer accommodation to our crew. The only exception is the assignments School Host and Team Leader, where the assignment involves living at a school during the assignment period. But still make sure you get in touch with us so we can see what we can do!

Do I receive any compensation?

Yes you may. The compensation that you or your association receives is an estimate for a non-profit mission that was carried out. This means that the task carried out is not equal to a normal job. The compensation is written in the assignment description.

Do you offer anything else more than the compensation?

Absolutely. If you have the right attitude, are ambitious, flexible, and take it all the way to an assignment, we offer you the following:

  • Education

  • Opportunity to grow in a world-leading organization

  • If desired, a certificate with a personal statement

  • Work experience

  • The official crew clothes

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner during the tournament

Will I be called for an interview?

If you continue in the recruitment process after applying as a new crew member, you will be called to an interview.

If I don't get an assignment, how and when will I know this?

Unfortunately, there is no specific end date. We try to notify all applicants in turn. If, however, you do not receive any notification at the beginning of June, you should contact us at [email protected]

If I have a hard time choosing, can I be recruited for more than one mission?

No, you cannot be recruited for more than one assignment during Gothia Cup, however, you can also send in an expression of interest for Partille Cup in your application.

Is there any form of education that I need?

Yes, there is. All crew members must complete at least one training course to be approved. The number of courses varies depending on the assignment you have. All training is compulsory.

How long will the days be?

It varies depending on the assignment. As a School host you live at the school all week, as a kitchen chef the days can be long and for most of the other assignments there is approximately 8 hours per day.

Do I get any clothes?

Of course, You will receive at least one t-shirt. Clothes together with the accreditation badge are collected a couple of days before the tournament. If you are accepted, we will inform you further.

If I have more questions?

Contact the Gothia Cup Crew at [email protected] or call us at 031-50 67 80