Tournament information B17

Place and date

Gothenburg, Sweden, July 14th–20th, 2024

Age group

Boys born January 1st 2007 or later. From 2021 no overaged players are allowed.

Number of teams

There are a total of 24 teams invited, twelve from Sweden (strictly from the Swedish Premier League) and twelve international teams.

Tournament setup

The teams are divided into groups of four. All teams meet in a round robin series. The two best placed teams in each group go to the A-play offs. The rest of the teams play the B-play offs. The four best group winners qualify directly for the quarterfinals, the other group winners and seconds in each group go to round of eights. In B-play offs the four best 3rds go to quarterfinals, the other 3rds and 4ths go to the round of eights. Round of eights and quarterfinals are played on the same day.

Playing period

2 x 30 minutes

Playing fields

All matches are played at fields in the city centre and are played on astroturf. The final is played on hybrid grass.