Tournament information G17

Place and date

Gothenburg, Sweden, July 17th–23rd, 2022.

Age group number of players

Girls born January 1st, 2005 or later. It is also allowed to use a maximum of two players born January 1st, 2004 or later. Each team may register a maximum of 18 players.

Number of teams

There's a total of 16 teams invited, eight from Sweden and eight international teams.

Tournament setup

The teams are divided into groups of four. All teams meet in a round robin series. The two best placed teams in each group go to the A-play offs. The rest of the teams play the B-play off. 

Playing period

2 x 30 minutes.

Playing fields

All matches are played at fields in the city centre and are played on astroturf. The final is played on hybrid grass.



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