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Below you find information about Official Partners and our Main Partner SKF.



SKF was founded in Gothenburg 1907. Our company quickly grew to become a global organisation and today we are around 40 000 people in 130 countries around the world. Now, wherever there is movement, there is a good chance our products are being used.

At SKF we believe that when a society grows we grow with it. And a fundamental foundation for all societies is its youth and their abilities to reach their full potential. Therefore, we are a proud partner to the Gothia Cup.

As part of our engagement, SKF hosts a yearly Meet the World-tournament, a pre-tournament to Gothia Cup. It gives kids with less privileged backgrounds the possibility to fulfill their football dreams in organized environments.

We are incredibly proud to be main sponsor to Gothia Cup, an organization with values that fully match our values at SKF.


We are passionate about children and youths having the opportunity to play sports, and we support associations across the country both financially and through long-term commitment. As early as 1985, we started sponsoring Gothia Cup (The World Youth Cup), the world’s largest football cup for youths. In addition to promoting an active lifestyle, Gothia Cup enables children and young people from different nationalities to meet and collaborate. This diversity among nationalities is also very present at McDonald's. A total amount of 95 different nationalities work within our system of restaurants. For us, ambition and drive has always been more important than ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. This has proven to be the recipe for diversity, integration and really good burgers.


Volvo Cars

Since the first Volvo was built in 1927, safety and the human being have been the the most important for Volvo Cars. Our involvement in the community focuses on instances with a positive contribution the communities where we are active. We support a variety of community activities, especially those with focus on traffic safety, environmental protection and education. To contribute to young people around the world getting the opportunity to meet and also to encourage a more active life makes us a proud partner to Gothia Cup. Volvo Car Sweden are happy to contribute to logistics and transportation functioning smoothly and sustainably during the tournament.


For us at PUMA it is important to have fun, encourage participation and joy in all forms of sport. Gothia Cup is a perfect mix of everything, where girls and boys from all over the world get a chance to participate and together create unforgettable memories connected to sport.



Pantamera is run by Returpack AB with the aim of increasing the recycling of cans and PET bottles. Pantamera is owned by producers and the trade, in short those who put cans and bottles on the market and largely is responsible for the collection of them. The purpose is to increase material recycling and reduce littering. Through material- and energy recycling, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced, and we contribute to a more sustainable society. In 2021, we recycled as much as 2,4 billion cans and bottles.


Through our collaboration with Gothia Cup we hope to meet many in our target group: both young adults and adults. During Summer, and especially during sporting events, the consumption of drinks is high, and our task is to support with knowledge, fun activities and most importantly enable recycling in a simple way. Together we will work to make the Gothia Cup an even more sustainable event.


Young people are our future. Through a conscious diversity work we want to take part and contribute to a community where every community group and individual is considered an asset.

Elektroskandia shares Gothia Cup's engagement in the community and the focus on four of the Sustainable Development Goals by the UN. We view the tournament as an important part of our journey towards a sustainable future!

Together for increased health, well-being, diversity and inclusion.


Libresse 💗 Gothia Cup

Pads, panty liners, menstrual cups and now also handy menstrual panties – Libresse are professionals when it comes to menstruations and period protection. We are working hard to break the tabu around menstruation and to ensure that everyone sees menstruation for what it is: the most natural thing there is. Not only to make sure everyone feels comfortable talking about menstruation with their coaches and to adapt the training if needed – but also because it should be just as obvious to have menstrual protection in the medical bag as it is to have cooling spray.


We are proud over our collaboration with Gothia Cup and to break the menstruation tabu in sports!


Our Estrella-heart beats a little extra for sports and an equal sport is a prerequisite for a successful sports development. Girls and women are in many ways underrepresented in sports. Equality in sports is a question of democracy, resources, and interests. We want everyone to have the same power to shape the sport and their involvement in sports regardless of gender or background. Therefore, we want to be a part of the development for a more equal world both on and off the pitch.

Girls team


SJ brings people together, every day.

SJ is a Swedish traveling company offering sustainable train journeys, both on their own and in collaboration with others. SJ is one of Sweden's most sustainable brands and a part of the solution to reach the climate goals. With over 5400 employees in Sweden and Norway, they all contribute to an increase in train journeys - the most sustainable way to travel.

As the market leading train operator, SJ binds Sweden, Norway and the capitals of Scandinavia together. Everyday, our customers and employees meet at any of our 1500 departures from over 400 stations.

SJ is owned by the Swedish state and and is tasked with operating profitable passenger traffic by rail.


Mathem is Sweden's largest online grocery store. As a customer with us you easily purchase what you need, when and wherever you want. And we deliver your groceries to your door when it suits you. Which means less stress and more importantly, more time for your kids and their football activities. With us, you get access to a large variety of good food, drinks and pharmacy supplies - all the nutrition and energy you and your family need to always be on top. With our and Gothia Cup's joint focus on health and sustainability, this partnership is a winner. Have a look at, so you can focus on lifting your team. Not your grocery bags.



SEB:s partnerships and community investments are all about supporting entrepreneurial powers in the community. Together with Gothia Cup SEB can, on an international arena, arouse curiosity and innovative thinking through entrepreneurship, to contribute to a positive change in the community. At SEB we are convinced that when women and men and boys and girls have the same opportunities to reach their full potential, the world doesn't just become more fair - it also becomes more successful. An important part of our sustainability work is to take responsibility for the development of our society and that's why we strive for economic equality.


Länsförsäkringar Göteborg and Bohuslän work with sustainability because we want to take our responsibility and give back to the community where are customers and owners are. We have a big interest in community issues and carry out many actions that contribute to a sustainable development of our nearby areas.

For many years, we have put great effort into creating good conditions for kids and youths in our region. We want all kids to succeed in life, with equal upbringing conditions. Within social sustainability our focus is that kids and young adults will pass school without failing any classes and to reduce mental illness. This is done through actions within schools, culture, entrepreneurship, safe activities and sports.

Länsförsäkringar is a proud partner to Gothia Cup that contributes to movement and joy for kids and young adults all over the world


Via Tvättmedel

Via and Gothia Cup shares a passion for the youth in our society and through football we can help children and young adults to develop a sense of meaning as well as embrace the collaboration which is the key to development and knowledge. That is why Via is proud to be a partner to Gothia Cup, because through our collaboration we can unite and encourage young footballers to be active, gain experiences and grow – without worrying about getting dirty.


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Turkish Airlines

Sports organizations like the Gothia Cup are always supported by Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines shares Gothia Cup's core values that everyone regardless off nationality, gender, religion or skin color should be able to meet and play football. The aim of our partnership is to enable this by being the leading airline, used by everyone who in any way is a part of Gothia Cup.

DXC Technology

DXC Technology assists global corporations with running their business critical systems and operations whilst modernizing IT, optimizing data architecture and ensuring safety and scaling for public, private and hybrid cloud systems. The world's biggest corporations and organisations within the public sector lies on DXC to deliver services that drives new levels of performance, competitiveness and customer service within their IT systems.

At DXC Technology we work to better the lives of our employees and the communities where we live and work. As an Official IT Supplier to Gothia Cup we enable the possibility for thousands of children around the world to stay active, play sports and develop their cooperation skills, an initiative we are proud to be a part of.



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