Gothia Cup

27 hours of flight for the Gothia Cup experience

Academia Sport Madrid from Santiago, Chile, stood out as one of the most long-distance teams at Gothia Cup 2023.

They traveled for a whopping 27 hours to reach Gothenburg.
– It was all worth the effort, says the team's coaches, Diego Carvajal and Ignacio Rivas.

On a sunny day at Mossens IP during Gothia Cup 2023, the Chileans secured a thrilling 2-1 victory over the Swiss team FC Black Stars Basel. Scenes of joy erupted on the field, clearly highlighting the significance of this win for the team.
– We traveled such a long way to be here. That's why the memories we create are even more meaningful, says Rivas.

Furthermore,the Chilean team enjoys unwavering support from a dedicated and enthusiastic fan base present throughout the tournament, which fills Carvajal with pride and happiness.
– Everyone representing our club - players, coaches, parents, and other Chilean supporters - we are all like one big family. This unity is our greatest strength. Every victory is emotionally charged for all of us here, and it feels fantastic, he shares.

The coaches also emphasize the importance of Gothia Cup as the world's largest and foremost youth football tournament.
– It's like playing in a World Cup. Scoring goals and winning matches here hold extra significance. It's like dreams turning into reality, concludes Rivas.