Gothia Cup

65 teams from three countries arrived by ferry

Around lunch time, 65 Gothia Cup teams from three different countries arrived to Gothenburg by ferry.

USA is the fifth biggest nation in Gothia Cup 2023, with 108 teams. Only Sweden (1000), Germany (135), Norway (129) and England (117) are bigger nations in the tournament. At lunch time today, a lot of American teams arrived to Gothenburg by ferry.

We met a lot of excited American, German and Brazilian players and coaches when we visited the terminal. It was a lot of singing and joy. Marin FC team is one of the happy clubs. They are here with seven teams. They arrived with trophies and medals.
– We finished second at a tournament in Denmark. We are proud. Now we have another tournament. We are very excited about playing in Gothia Cup, says the B14 player Kai Morley.

Gothia Cup is a nice experience for him and his teammates.
– I know that it’s a really big tournament with thousands of teams. Gothia Cup is very competitive, says Kai Morley.
108 teams from all over USA will participate in Gothia Cup this summer.
– Yeah, it’s many teams from USA. I know a lot of people that will go here this year, so that’s cool, says the happy teenager.
He liked the feeling on the joint ferry trip with more than 60 over teams.
– The ferry trip was good. The atmosphere was very good. We had fun, Kai Morley says with a smile.

He give his team good chances to advance to the A-playoffs.
– I think that we can do pretty good in the tournament. I don't know exactly how high the level will be, but it will probably be high. I think we have a good chance to succeed, he says.
They finished second in their last tournament, so now they are eager to win.
– Hopefully we can win the trophy, says Kai Morley.