Gothia Cup

70 bags of football equipment donated to Kusasa Stars

When Kusasa Stars came to this years Gothia Cup they had three bags with them on the plane to Sweden. On the flight back to South Africa they ”had to” bring 70 bags filled with football equipment and clothes that had been donated to them during their stay in Sweden.

For the the second year in a row, the South African team from the shantytown Groendal participated in Gothia Cup. Aside from playing in the tournament they also had a whip-round with the aim to collect football equipment. The response was overwhelming. Both football clubs and individuals donated lots of clothes, shoes and bags. Last years similar whip-round ended up in 55 bags of equipment – this year was even better, in the end they could count to 70 bags.

– It will be distributed to everyone in the shantytown, not only to the boys’s families. We calculated that the equipment weighed 1,5 ton altogether, says Jens Littorin, one of the originators and helpers that’s involved in the South African team.

Everyone was allowed to bring 45 kilo each on the flight back so all the stuff found the way to South Africa. 

The team spent a few days on the island Rörö in Gothenburgs archipelago before the tournament started and in another whip-round generous residents on the island and summer guest donated over 10000 SEK.

– That money made it possible for the boys, many of them which had never even been in an elevator before, got to ride rollercoasters in Liseberg until late at night one of their last nights in Sweden, says Jens Littorin.

It’s the foundation Kusasa Foundation that’s made it possible for the team to travel to Sweden and Gothia Cup.

– This is children that doesn’t have anything. They live in sheds without electricity and running water. They’re surrounded by drugs, crimes and many of them are orphans. It’s an awful environment for kids to grow up in, says Jens Littorin.

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