Gothia Cup

A closing party where community and joy were in focus

The teams in Gothia Special Olympics Trophy spent their last evening in Gothenburg together. They met in Prioritet Serneke Arena for some beach volleyball and company.

Some of the players went straight out to one of many beach volleyball pitches in the arena. Most of them started in the lounge for some drinks and snacks, just talking to each other. After a long day out on the pitches they could finally relax with both old friends and new friends.

“This is great. To come together like this and just have a good time with each other is very nice”, said one of the players.

After some time of refilling witch drinks and snacks more and more players got out on the sand. Athletes, as they are, the games could be intense and winning a point was celebrated loudly by the players.

It was a perfect way to get ready for the finals on Thursday.