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A tough match between Intercups MX and Åsa IF ended in a tie

Intercups MX were resilient challengers.

Intercups MX played offensively during the whole match. Quite a few shots were made at the opposing goal, but only one went in.
- The game was tough but we could’ve won, says right-wing player Leonardo Aguilar Gonzalez.

The first half of the match was intense. Intercups MX’s number 60, Isaak Alejandro Luna, scored the first goal of the match. Another opportunity came when one of the Åsa IF players received a red card, ensuring Intercups MX a free kick. Åsa IF managed to block it.
- We missed the goal a few times. The ball could’ve been there but it didn’t happen, says Leonardo.

Despite the unsuccessful attempts at scoring another goal, Intercups MX continued with their attempts. The ball was on the opponent’s side quite a bit of the time.
- Even though it ended 1-1 we still did well. Winning the first goal of the match was a good feeling. I’m satisfied with our performance.

No matter the match result, Leonardo is excited to be here.
- I’m happy to be here, playing at Gothia Cup. One of my brothers is also playing at Gothia Cup and it’s going well for him. Now it’s my turn to participate, he says excitedly.

 With today’s match done, the team is looking towards their next one. Although happy to be here, Leonardo is also reflecting on what he can do better during the matches.
- I’m a fast runner, and I think that’s one of my best skills. For the next match I want to make more shots to intimidate the rival.



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