A visit from Women’s national team manager Peter Gerhardsson - Gothia Cup
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A visit from Women’s national team manager Peter Gerhardsson

During Friday evening Swedish Women’s National Team manager Peter Gerhardsson visited SKF Arena. As a player he was part of the Uppsala IF team that won the tournament in its second edition back in 1976. 43 years have passed since then, but the reason being here remains the same – to enjoy the game of football.

The beginning of Peter’s Gothia Cup journey started in 1976, and since then he has visited Gothia Cup in a variety of different roles. When he was manager of the youth national team between 2002-2004 he kept an extra eye on the players who were available to select. Being manager for the Women’s National team now he keeps an extra eye on the Girls category. But his working role has never been the main reason he is here.

“I’m here because I enjoy it, just like everybody else. Gothia Cup is a meeting place for football, and since we were here playing when I was 15 it have always had a big place in my heart”, says Peter Gerhardsson.

During the Friday the playoff games come thick and fast, and during the night we will know which teams that have reached the finals on Saturday.

“These games are very inspiring to watch. There’s a lot of emotions involved and it’s a fine line between joy and despair, but whatever the result these games will be an important experience for the players, says Peter.

Inspiring is the right word when looking back at this summers’ World Cup in France. Peter Gerhardsson and his Women’s National team charmed an entire nation and brought home the bronze medal. Now approximately two weeks have passed and the players and staff have had time to reflect. Peter hopes that their success has created new role-models for the younger generation, for those who want to be national team players in the future.

“It’s important that the young girls, and boys of course, have role-models and idols. Hopefully we’ve succeeded in creating new role-models based on our success in France. That can inspire the younger players” he says.

Surely a lot of young players got new role-models during the World Cup in France, and based on the thousands of players that are playing this year’s Gothia Cup it is very possible that the future role-models are have been here among us. Those who will inspire generation to come.



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