Gothia Cup

AFC Eskilstuna won the B17 final in front of a big crowd

Dalkurd FF - AFC Eskilstuna 0-1 (0-0)

The Swedish teams Dalkurd FF and AFC Eskilstuna were the finalists in the B17 category. And the latter team won thanks to Emil Linder, who scored the only goal of the match.
– I feel extremely happy, says the 17-year-old.

Dalkurd had a big chance after three minutes but missed. And less than a minute later, they hit the post. The score was 0-0 at half time. AFC Eskilstuna’s Emil Linder scored just two minutes in to the second half. It went on to be the only goal in the game. Dalkurd had a great chance in the final seconds, but the shot went over the crossbar. AFC Eskilstuna won the B17 category and the players were so excited after the final whistle.

The players celebrated a lot in front of a big crowd.
– It could not have been a better ending. We beat the odds and won. It was amazing to score the winning goal, says Emil Linder.
This was actually their second game today, as they won the semifinal against FC New England from USA this morning. But they weren’t tired. Now they will celebrate.
– We will celebrate with our beautiful fans from Eskilstuna, says the Gothia Cup champion, who also was chosen as MVP of the game.