Gothia Cup

Alexandra got to play Gothia Cup twice in one year

The team relished the challenge brought on by the international tournament and were delighted to get to do it all over again in Gothenburg.

The American side Elite Development Academy G16 won Gothia Cancún and their prize was participation in Gothia Cup 2023 in Gothenburg.

Alexandra Andrade was one of the players who played in the winning team in Cancún, which was her first international tournament. She has also come over with the EDA G15 side for the tournament in Sweden and doubled her attendance at football tournaments abroad in one year. She really liked playing in Cancún.
– It was very fun tournament to play in, the competition was really good. It was nice to play against different teams from different nations, Andrade says.

One of the things that Andrade appreciated the most about playing in Cancún was the mixture of opponents they got to go up against.
– We all really enjoyed playing with other nations, and getting a chance to see bigger competition. Playing with our team as good as we can and see these other countries play, Andrade says.

Going in to the Cancún tournament, the team had not created any specific expectations for themselves.
– We knew that we wanted to play aggressive and hard so that we could eventually win the tournament, Andrade says. 

Since Cancún was her first international tournament, it meant that going to Gothia Cup in Gothenburg, she had more of an idea of what to expect. She was most of all been looking forward to the community aspect, and the football.
– Playing the teams and seeing how hard we could play together, Alexandra says.