Gothia Cup

All you need to know about Gothia Cup 2023

There are now not many weeks left before Gothia Cup 2023 kicks off.

Below we have compiled everything you need to know for this year's edition of the tournament.

Since the start in 1975, 1 271 400 participants from 151 countries have taken part in the tournament. This year, 1 875 teams from 71 nations are participating.

Gothenburg hosts approximately 43 400 players and leaders during this year's Gothia Cup week. Gothia Cup is played this year in Gothenburg, Mölndal, Kungsbacka, Partille and Alingsås.

Like previous years' Gothia Cup, SKF is the tournament's main partner. SKF Arena on Heden, which this year has been expanded, is the biggest arena in the tournament, in addition to Gamla Ullevi where some finals are also played.

Of the approximately 4 900 matches played during the Gothia Cup, over 2 000, from 45 pitches, will be broadcast live on the Gothia Cup app. The matches are recorded with AI cameras.

2 500 officials will ensure the quality of the tournament. Among these are 550 referees. All crew members have the goal of giving visitors memories to last a lifetime.

Highlights of the week:

Sunday, July 16:
The big arrival day. The day when players and managers arrive in Gothenburg. Gothia Heden Center opens.

Monday, July 17:
The first matches are played in the tournament. Opening ceremony, at 8 pm. We start letting people in at 18.30. All visitors are asked to be there in good time.

Tuesday, July 18:
The group stage continues. Leader party at 19.00 in Scandinavium. Hall of Fame Award Ceremony.

Wednesday, July 19:
The last group stage matches. The playoffs begin.

Thursday, July 20:
The playoffs continue. Gothia Special Olympics finals are played at Heden.

Friday, July 21:
The Fair Play Trophy will be awarded to teams at Heden.

Saturday, July 22:
Finals day with matches at Gamla Ullevi, Heden 4 and SKF Arena.

FACTS: Gothia Cup 2023
Participating teams: 1 875 teams.
Number of participants (players plus coaches): 43 400 people
Number of participants, including fellow travelers: 54 400 people
Nations: 71 nations.
Participants since the start in 1975: approximately 1 271 400 participants.
Nations since the start back in 1975: 151.
Pitches: 106 pitches.
New pitches in 2023: Önneredsplan, Generatorsplan
Number of matches: approximately 4 500 matches.
Schools: 68 schools.
Hotels: 26 hotels.
Live streamed matches: around 2 500 matches, from 40 pitches.
Boys/girls: 70/30 percent.
Number of crew members : about 2 500 (of which about 550 are referees).
Main Partner: SKF.
Official Partners: Kronfågel, Volvo, Puma, Turkish Airlines, NEH, Libresse, McDonalds, Länsförsäkringar, GB Glace, Via, Kopparbergs Bryggeri, DXC, SEB, Pantameta, Tre, Mathem, Elektroskandia, SJ and Estrella.