B12: Beautiful tiki-taka leads Ordin FC to the victory - Gothia Cup
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B12: Beautiful tiki-taka leads Ordin FC to the victory

Ordin FC are the Gothia Cup champions after winning against FC Saint Cloud in the final. ─ It feels great, says Igod Odoni Gomes, the team captain of Ordin FC

Ordin FC started best and created several chances early in the game, but thanks to good defence and missed oppetuneties the scoring still remained even. They had for instance one shot in the crossbar.

Finally Ordin scored 1-0 on a beautiful long range shot by Bruno Baldini. They kept creating chances and FC Saint Clouds goalkeeper Aniss Feloussi made a few very good saves.

The firsta halv ended with 2-0 after an elegant goal of Weberlieskott de Halin Jardim.

Ordin also started the second half best and after a few minutes Enzo Taylor Denardi extendes the lead to 3-0.

FC Saint Cloud had problems and Ordin kept creating more chances, but thanks to strong goalkeeping and huge sacrifices by the defence and especially Enzho Ntongo they managed to keep the numbers down.

In the final minutes Ordin finished their scoring when Nicholas Bosschart did 4-0 and Ordin FC could celebrate winning the Gothia Cup 2019.

1-0 Bruno Baldini, 2-0 Weberlieskott de Halim Jardim, 3-0 Enzo Taylor Denardi 4-0 Nicholas Bosschart

MVP: Bruno Baldini



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