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B13: Brommapojkarna 1 keeps clean sheets throughout the tournament

In the finals of B13 Brommapojkarna 2 faced Brommapojkarna 1. The whole thing ended with a comfortable 5-0 victory for Brommapojkarna 1 who managed to keep clean sheets through the whole tournament. ─ The feeling is unbelieveble, says the winning goalkeeper Angelo Melkemichel.

The stand was crowded and the audience was exited to see the two teams from Brommapojkarna face each other. Brommapojkarna 1 had gone through the whole tournament scoring 77 goals before the final and Brommapojkarna 2 had a huge challenge ahead of them.

The game started carefully with both of the team calmy waiting for oppetuneties.

After around 10 minutes Brommapojkarna 1 scored the first goal. Oscar Reinholdsson could easily place 1-0 with a great finnish. Same guy Oscar Reinholdsson gets a wonderful oppetunity to score 2-0 just a few minutes later but the goalkeeper Sakaria Boije makes a tremendous save.

Brommapojkarna 1 takes over the game but Brommapojkarna 2 gets very close to an equalizer with a ventured long range shot.

The second halv had barely started before Omar Abdullah got completely alone with the goalkeeper during a counterattack and could put 2-0.

3-0 came from a return where Oscar Reinholsson could score his second goal of the game.

Brommapojkarna 1 keeps dominating the game and they might have scored even more if it wasn’t for great goalkeeping from Sakaria Boije.

Viktor Karolak scores 4-0 before Oscar Reinholdssons sets the score to 5-0 with his third goal of today.

Brommapojkarna 1 wins the game fairly and the club can celebrate their 29th win in the Gothia Cup history. Brommapojkarna 1 went through the turnament with impressive 82-0 in goal difference.

─ Everyone has been fighting for this and we never gave up, says Angelo Melkemichel

0-1 Oscar Reinholdsson, 0-2 Omar Abdullah, 0-3 Oscar Reinholdsson, 0-4 Viktor Karolak, 0-5 Oscar Reinholdsson

MVP: Angelo Melkemichel



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