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B15: Icelandic Stjarnan 1 lifts the trophy!

As the sounds of the Icelandic volcano echoed around the stands at Gamla Ullevi as Stjarnan 1 defeated Swedish side IFK Haninge 3-0. “It feels fantastic”, says Ísak Andri Sigurgeirsson, who scored twice.

Two defensively good teams took to the pitch in the second final of the day at Gamla Ullevi. Stjarnan 1 had conceded just one goal in the playoffs, whereas IFK Haninge had kept a clean sheet throughout the entire tournament. The early stages of the game followed in the same fashion, with both teams looking very solid. IFK Haninge kept most of the possession but had a hard time creating chances, while Stjarnan 1 looked to break.

After about ten minutes the well-known sound of the islandic “volcano” started to echo around the stadium. With the sound of the claps from the islandic fans Stjarnan 1 created their first chance. A shot from the edge of the box, which got blocked with a last inch tackle from the Swedish defence.

The stalemate ended after 16 minutes when Stjarnan 1 took the lead. Ísak Andri Sigurgeirsson got the ball at the halfway line, dribbled past several players and then slotted the ball home from the edge of the box.  

“The first goal is always very important, so I’m happy that we got it”, says Ísak.

After their goal the Islandic side were oozing with confidence and kept going forward, looking for a second goal. But IFK Haninge got back into it. Their wingers looked lively and during the last five minutes of the first half they were putting a few dangerous crosses into the box. But as the half-time whistle blew it was still 1-0 Stjarnan 1.

The second half started as the first. Both teams were playing with caution and didn’t take any unnecessary risks. But after ten minutes Stjarnan 1 extended the lead. After brilliant work from the winger, providing a low cross to the far post which Adolf Daði Birgisson could put into an empty net.

Just one minute later it was time for the next goal. Ísak Andri Sigurgeirsson arrived first after a pass over the back four, rounding both goalkeeper and a defender after cooly putting it in the wide open net. The second goal for the attacking midfielder.

“I just got the ball, rounded a few players and scored really”, says Ísak with a smile.

The third goal became the nail in the coffin as IFK Haninge pushed for a goal that would give them contact, but they couldn’t break down the islandic defence. Resulting in Stjarnan 1 becoming this year’s champions in the Boys 15 category. After a tough week there are not going to be any high intensity celebrations Ísak explains.

“Now we’re just going to go home to relax and enjoy it”, he says.

STJARNAN 1 – IFK HANINGE 3-0 (1-0)                         

Ísak Andri Sigurgeirsson (17), Adolf Daði Birgisson (41), Ísak Andri Sigurgeirsson (42)

Yellow card: –

Red card: –

MVP: Óli Valur Ómarsson



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