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B18: Kharis Sports Academy victorious in all Ghanaian final

The African drums kept beating when it was time for the second all-African final at Gamla Ullevi. In the final between the two Ghanaian teams Greengen FC and Kharis Sports Acadamy, Kharis Sports Academy come out on top, winning 1-0. “It feels great”, says Foster Agyei, the goalscorer.

Greengen FC started the best. Forcing a brilliant save from the goalkeeper after a close range rebound. But chances were few and far between. With both teams looking solid defensively. That both teams put it all on the line was also clear to see, with some crunching tackles taking place in the early stages.

In a tight game set-pieces can be key, and in the 27th minute Kharis Sports Acadamy capitalised on a free-kick, with Foster Agyei slotting home after the ball had been headed across the box by his teammate.

“We train a lot of set-pieces, and I was really happy to be able to score from one”, says Foster.

Kharis Sports Academy continued to look dangerous on set pieces in the latter stages of the first half but the result remained 1-0 until the break.

In the beginning of the second half Kharis Sports Academy kept piling on the pressure, looking for the second goal that might kill off the game. They came close in the 38 minute with a shot going just wide.

The game continued to be tight, and the flow of the game was interrupted with several fouls. But even though the rhythm of the game was interrupted, the rhythm on the stands definitely wasn’t. With a rhythmic beat of drums and cowbells heard throughout the game, creating a fantastic atmosphere.

“The support here is fantastic, we really appreciate it”, says Foster Agyei.

With the full time whistle getting ever closer, Greengen FC started to push forward more desperately. But getting through the defence of Kharis Sports Academy was tough. They kept struggling to create clear cut chances. In a last ditch effort to equalize they brought their team forward for a corner in the final minute. But it wasn’t enough and moments after the referee blew the whistle. Making Kharis Sports Academy our champions in the Boys 18 category.



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