Gothia Cup

Barca CFIS champions after dramatic penalty shootout

Barca CFIS-FC New England 8-7 (2-2)

It was a B12 category final filled with emotions, emotions, and emotions. After 50 minutes, the score was level, and penalties would decide the winner of the final. The Mexican team Barca CFIS emerged as the victors.

FC New England started the match strong and took the lead just two minutes into the game, gaining a mental advantage for the Americans. Despite the early deficit, Barca did not give up, and they equalized to make it 1-1 after seven minutes. The rest of the first half turned into a tough battle with chances for both teams.

In the second half, Barca stepped up their game and decided to dominate. Five minutes into the second half, they took the lead for the first time in the match. As the clock ticked towards the end, New England applied pressure, and a fantastic individual effort by a New England player resulted in the equalizer, making it 2-2.

After a nervous wait and several penalty kicks, Barca CFIS eventually emerged as the winners of the Gothia Cup. The big hero of the match, who was later named the player of the match, was Maddox Karim Estrada Amador, the goalkeeper for Barca CFIS, who not only scored a penalty goal in the final but also scored three goals throughout the tournament.