Gothia Cup

Bayer Leverkusen is through to the semifinals - now they want Germany to reach the semis

Bayer Leverkusen made it. Now they want Germany's national team to reach the semifinals as well.

Bayer Leverkusen is a big team in German football. Today their G17 team reached the semifinals in the Gothia Puma Trophy. The players will cheer for their national team in the European Championship tonight.
– I think we will win with 2-0, says the U16 national team player Estrella Merino Gonzales.

Bayer Leverkusen’s first team plays in Bundesliga, the highest division in Germany. And they also have a great academy with many talented youngsters. One great team is participating in the Gothia Puma Trophy. On Thursday, they played FC New England from the US at Heden. The game was tied after 20 minutes, but then Evelyn Kirst gave Bayer Leverkusen the lead in the 23rd minute. Estrella Merino Gonzales scored a great goal with a cool finish halfway into the second half. She was so excited and celebrated with the crowd. It was the game winning goal in the end, because FC New England never came back after that. Bayer Leverkusen made it to the semifinals of the Gothia Cup.
– It feels really great to win the game. “Klasse” as we say in Germany! says Estrella Merino Gonzales.

She’s also happy about her goal.
– I’m very happy about all the games I score in the Gothia Cup, says Estrella Merino Gonzales.
But she’s not hundred percent happy with their performance though.
– I think that we made some mistakes in the beginning. But we continued and get the game more and more on our side, says the talent.
Estrella Merino Gonzales has a fantastic time here.
– It’s an experience you have maybe one time in your career, especially in this age group. I like it a lot, she says.
They will face Kristianstads DFF from Sweden in the semifinals at SKF Arena tomorrow.
– I think that we can win the tournament, she says and giggles.

She plays for Germany’s U16 national team.
– I have made three appearances for the national team until now.
Estrella describes herself as a player.
– I’m aggressive and I can read the game. I win duels against other players. Lucas Vasquez from Real Madrid is my idol.
She wants to reach the senior national team.
– I want to play as high as I can, first in Bundesliga and I want to continue to play for the national team.
Germany will play Austria tonight in the quarterfinals of the European Championship. She believes in her team.
– Germany will win with 2-0! Maybe Alexandra Popp and Klara Bühl will score. We will watch the game together, the whole team, says Estrella Merino Gonzales.

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