Gothia Cup

Berrada from Morocco wants to be like his idol

Berrada Imad is a 16 year old boy from Morocco with big dreams.

Berrada Imad plays for USCH 2 from MoroccoHe hopes to represent Paris Saint-German in the future, just like his idol Achraf Hakimi.
– I have to train a lot to be like him, but why not? Everything is possible, says Berrada Imad.

He and his teammates in USCH 2 from Morocco is here for the first time.
– It’s so cool, it’s a lot of people here. I like the games and it’s very cool to play here with my team and to represent Morocco, says Berrada Imad.
He’s already in love with the country.
– It’s so beautiful in Sweden. I like it. It’s a lot of good people here. It’s a good city, it’s just so beautiful.
He thinks that Sweden and Morocco have their similarities.
– Morocco is beautiful too and there’s a lot of good people in Morocco. Come to Morocco and you will see! It’s so cool, says the 16-year-old player.

They won their first game yesterday.
– We played against a Swedish team (BK Flagg) today. We won with 2-1.
USCH 2 is a great team according to Berrada Imad.
– We have a good team. We can do a lot of things. I think that we can win the tournament, he says.
He has two role models in football. Both play for Paris Saint-Germain in France.
– I like Lionel Messi, he’s so good. And I like Achraf Hakimi too. He’s from Morocco and he’s the best full back in the world.
He sometimes play as a full back, like Hakimi.
– I play in a lot of positions, like full back and forward.
Berrada Imad wants to be like his countryman.
– I have to train a lot, but why not? Everything is possible, he says and smiles.