Gothia Cup

Beyond Limits wins prize for best costume

The Nigerian B17E team Beyond Limits wins prize for best costume during the opening ceremony.

They win free participation and accommodation for Gothia Cup next summer.

The club tell us the story about the costume:
”The delegation of Beyond Limits Football Academy will be wearing green “Kembe” outfits made with ”adire” fabric and “abeti aja” caps with aso oke material. The color green represents the green-white-green of Nigeria’s flag.”
Adire is a traditional textile art form that originated from the Yoruba people of Nigeria in West Africa. The word "adire" means "to tie and dye" in the Yoruba language, reflecting the process through which this distinctive fabric is created. The origins of adire can be traced back to the early 19th century in southwestern Nigeria, particularly among the Egba and Egba-Remo subgroups of the Yoruba where Beyond Limits is located.

The term "kembe" refers to a loose-fitting, wide-legged trouser typically worn by both men and women. Kembe were designed to be comfortable and practical, allowing for ease of movement in the warm climate of Nigeria.
”Abeti aja, also known as the "dog ear" cap, is a traditional Nigerian headgear with a distinctive shape and cultural significance. It refers to the cap's shape, which resembles the ears of a dog. The cap is typically made from aso oke, a handwoven textile that is created on narrow looms and traditionally made from cotton or silk.”
They add:
”Beyond Limits' choice to wear kembe sewn with adire fabric and abeti aja caps sewn with aso oke is a powerful statement of cultural pride, heritage preservation, and the promotion of Nigerian fashion. It represents a connection to their roots, celebrates traditional craftsmanship, and serves as a platform for cultural exchange.”

Congratulations, Beyond Limits and see you next year!