Gothia Cup

California Magic SC have yearned for a tournament abroad

The team is happy to be here.

The boys of California Magic SC have waited for years to play abroad. Now that Gothia Cup is back on track, the team is ready.
- It’s a good experience for the boys and an opportunity to test my coaching against international teams, says David Landeros, head coach.

The team were on a plane for 13 hours to get here and the jetlag has been difficult. Adjusting to the time zone has taken some time, but it’s all worth it according to David.
- I’ve been coaching this team since they were 10 years old, and now they’re 16. One of the goals we have in our club is to go abroad at least once in their youth career. That’s what we’re doing this week.

While winning is always a preferred outcome, California Magic SC has a different goal with the tournament.
- Since we’ve been planning this for so long, we’re just happy that we’re able to come now. We’ve done a lot of tournaments in California, but this is the biggest one. We’re just here to experience it and grow.

Just like other teams, California Magic SC work hard. Their core value is to play respectfully – something they always keep in mind.
- The standard we have is that we work really, really hard. However, we are equally respectful – both on and off the field. I think that’s what my team excels at. After all, this is just a game, says David.

David is happy to see the development of his team. Having coached them for several years now, he’s happy to see that they’re growing as people.
- Not only have they grown as football players, but they’ve also grown as men. It’s nice for me as their coach to see them transition, mature and become the young men they are now.

Apart from Gothia Cup, the team wants to experience the Swedish culture.
- I’ve heard a lot of positive things about Sweden but it’s beyond what words can describe. It feels beautiful, clean and safe here. The biggest thing I want to try right now is Swedish meatballs, says David with a laugh.