Gothia Cup

Cantolao from Peru will be back for Gothia Cup 2024

The club has participated in Gothia Cup many times, but this will be the first time since the pandemic. They will participate with a team consisting of boys born in 2009. We have talked to Gladys Gómez, director at the club, about their comeback in the tournament.

How would you like to describe your club?
– In our Cantolao club we educate players through the sports, says Gladys Gómez.

You have been in Gothenburg many times before. Which are your biggest achievements here through the years?
– Our greatest achievement of participating in Gothia Cup is to provide this opportunity to our young athletes to show their game, to get to know another country and culture, to have new friends and that you continue to see us as an option to be part of the tournament in each edition.

What do you like about the tournament?
– Gothia Cup gives us the opportunity to play with teams from another part of the world  and for the boys to feel that they can compete equally and that the result depends on them.

You will come back for the first time since the pandemic. What are you and the players most excited about?
– That's how it is! It is a very strong emotion to return and be in Gothia Cup again to show Cantolao’s game.

What are your goals with the trip, regarding the whole experience and results?
– At Cantolao we have a travel culture, and we want it to continue like this, for our players to always be able to travel because perhaps that is the only opportunity they will have in their lives to do so.

How is it to plan for a big trip like this? How did you make it happen?
– Travelling to Gothia Cup is a challenge for us, because it is not easy, especially acquiring air tickets, which has to be done was we get the funds and manage the passports for the new ones, then having to decide who travels and there is a work between the parents and Cantolao.

What do you think the players will learn from the experience?
– As always, when our players return to Peru, they tell us how nice they had it, especially because they handled themselves on their own  – without the help of their parents – and also how important it is to know english and with great desire to return to Gothia Cup the next edition, to be champions, says Gladys Gómez.