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Chico Sporting Club from Egypt: “The players develop as both people and players”

The players from Mansoura in Egypt learn much from this experience.

Chico Sporting Club has come all the way from Egypt to play in this year’s edition of the Gothia Cup. And they learn from the experience every day.
– The players learn by talking to people from all over the world, says the coach Sabri Mohamed.

Chico Sporting Club is from Mansoura in Egypt.
– It’s a big city with almost one million people, says Sabri Mohamed, the coach of the team.
They have been here several times before.
– It’s the fourth time we’re here. We like the Gothia Cup very much. We like that the tournament is so international. The referees are good as well, says Sabri Mohamed.

The results have been tough for the B15 team so far. The team lost all three games in the group stage and conceded 25 goals. But they’re happy anyway.
– Our team isn’t playing very good, we have no Mohamed Salah here, he says with a laugh.
He continues:
– But it’s not that important for us. The most important thing is that the players get to communicate with people from other countries and make new friends. The players develop as both people and players during their stay here. They grow a lot.

Chico Sporting Club also has a B12 team in the tournament. They’re the only club from Egypt this year.
– Teams from Egypt would win the tournament all the time if it was played in Egypt instead. We have many good teams in Egypt, but other clubs can’t be here this time because of travel issues, says Sabri Mohamed.
Chico Sporting Club promises to come back!



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