Meet the World

Club Sport Emelec will represent SKF Ecuador at Gothia Cup this summer

After winning the Meet the World tournament in Ecuador, Club Sport Emelec will be representing their country in this year's edition of Gothia Cup. The players are very excited about the travel to Sweden and are now counting the days until July, when Gothia Cup is held.

As in many parts of South America, in Ecuador there is a great interest for football and it can be said that this sport is the national sport. In Ecuador, football thrives in the low-income working classes, where it is often the only recreational activity available. Many of the most famous Ecuadorian football players came from humble beginnings and became national heroes.

The reality of youth football

Ecuadorian clubs have a selection processes to attract children and youths for their training divisions. Applicants must meet physical and technical conditions and get used to a lifestyle that is different from the one at home. Of the hundreds that participate in the try outs each year, very few make their debut.

Once the players are a part of the teams, they train daily to earn a spot in their team. Being part of a team becomes a unique story, because each case is different. While some have the possibility that their parents take them to training and then go home, others must leave their hometown, their family and their habits with only one goal - to debut in the first division.

A dream that crosses boarders

The dream of every youth player is always to find an opportunity that allows them to travel abroad and gain new experiences around the world. And that is precisely why the Meet the World Ecuador tournament becomes interesting for the teams, since it is becomes the first opportunity for an international experience.

Meet the World - Ecuador

Hivimar, as the exclusive distributor of the SKF brand in Ecuador, organized the Meet the World tournament that seeks to choose the country's representative for Gothia Cup this summer.

On March 26, 2022, the qualifying tournament was held with the participation of four U17 teams: Rocafuerte, Alianza, Emelec and Patria. After playing the matches, Club Sport Emelec became the champions and will be the first Ecuadorian team to represent SKF Ecuador at Gothia Cup.

Elkin Muñoz, a Club Sport Emelec player, was the one who gave them the title as the midfielder scored the only goal with which they beat Rocafuerte FC in the tournament final in the 10th minute.

It was a very hard tournament, the truth is that everyone wanted to win it, because that trip to Sweden was the motivation. I feel happy for having scored the goal and giving the award to my team - Elkin Muñoz, Player of Emelec

Diego Bagüi, team captain of Emelec revealed that he is excited about the trip, as this will be his first time outside the country. That's why he says he's now counting the days.

The truth is that we are very happy, this is not something that happens every day. Let's celebrate with family and colleagues. The championship was more than deserved. - Diego Bagüi, Captain of Emelec

The road to Gothia Cup

The Meet the World tournament generated a lot of expectation within Ecuadorian youth football, we are sure that it will become a tournament that positions itself year after year since it gives youth players the opportunity that they long for - to enjoy that first international experience at Gothia Cup. Therefore, Club Sport Emelec makes all the necessary preparations to achieve an excellent participation in Gothia Cup.

Hivimar and it's social support

For Hivimar, exclusive distributor of the SKF brand in Ecuador, organizing the Meet the World tournament entails a great responsibility and reaffirms the company's commitment to social development in different areas. Since sport is much more than a simple game, is the promotion of unity, teamwork and setting goals that drive these young people to develop mentally to achieve their goals.

We are very happy that finally, for the first time in the Gothia Cup there is an Ecuadorian team. This has been an aspiration for some years and with which we seek the social development of young people in Ecuadorian sports - Jaime Echeverría, Director of Hivimar

Other nations that will be represented by SKF at Gothia Cup 2022 are - Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ghana, France, Italy, Mexico and Peru.