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Despite the Corona pandemic – great interest in Gothia Cup 2021

Today, Gothia Cup opened the registration for the tournament next summer. The spots for local teams were filled within a few minutes as usual and some foreign teams hung on the lock. The first team to register were AD Almada from Portugal and after a few hours more than 500 teams from 20 countries were registered for Gothia Cup 2021.

This summer’s tournament had to be cancelled due to the current Corona pandemic and there is a great deal of uncertainty around the world as to when society can return to normal. But when Gothia Cup opened the registration for the tournament in 2021 there were a great interest.

When the registration opened it only took 40 seconds for the first team to sign up, Portuguese AD Almada will play in the boys 16 category. The category for local teams from the Gothenburg area were fully booked in only a few minutes. A number of teams had chosen to move their registration from 2020 to 2021 and after a couple of hours, more than 500 teams were registered, from Europe as well as Asia, Africa and South and North America.

“We are humbled by the situation and understand that many teams may feel insecure about the situation for next summer. Regardless of these circumstances, many teams signed up already the first day we opened the registration for Gothia Cup 2021, which fills us with joy and longing for next summer”, says Competition General Niclas Freiholtz.

The work for Gothia Cup 2021 has begun and includes planning for adjustments in the tournament based on how the spread of the virus looks in Sweden and the rest of the world next summer. 

“Our participant’s and official’s safety during the tournament are our highest priority. In view of the ongoing pandemic, it is important that our participants, players as well as leaders and parents, feel safe registering their team for Gothia Cup 2021”, says Niclas Freiholtz. 

Registration for Gothia Cup 2021 through this link.



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