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Discover Gothenburg - Museums

Visit the rainforest, explore aircrafts and learn more about Gothenburg's history. At Gothenburg's many museums, there are exhibitions for all interests, both for adults and children.

Jonas Ingman/ Göteborg & Co

In Gothenburg, there are many museums what specializes in nature, history and art. In this article you can read about some of the city's popular museums. To minimize crowds at the museums, you may need to book a ticket in advance. You can book your tickets at their respective websites.


Ellika Henrikson/Mediabank Göteborg & Co

Universeum is a science museum with a focus on sustainability and perhaps the most popular museum among children. Here you can experience everything from the rainforest, oceans, reptiles, AI and the space. Plan a visit to the chemistry lab, where the children can try different experiments together with Universeum's experts. In the rainforest, which is a must when you visit Universeum, the birds fly freely and there are sloths, monkeys, lizards and frogs.

At Universeum, there are plenty of seats where you can eat your packed lunch. For those who do not have the opportunity to bring a packed lunch, there is a restaurant on the second floor and a café on the first floor. Universeum is located next to Liseberg, within walking distance from Korsvägen where you take the bus or tram.


Next door to Universeum is Världskulturmuseet (The Museum of World Culture) located, which offers several exhibitions that include stories and objects from all around the world. The exhibition "Together" focuses on questions children might have and here, play is mixed with learning. At this exhibition children and adults get the opportunity to try circus arts together.

This summer you can visit the exhibition "¡Viva México!" which shows Mexico's rich history and traditions through joy and sorrow.

Inside the museum there is a café, restaurant and shop.

Göteborgs stadsmuseum

Peter Kvarnström/ Mediabank Göteborg & Co

Göteborgs stadsmuseum (The Museum of Gothenburg) was founded as early as 1861 (then under the name Gothenburg Museum) and has since been located on the same site, in the East India House, which was built in the 1750s. The museum is within walking distance of the buses and trams in Brunnsparken.

Here you can, among other things, follow the history of Gothenburg and western Sweden back to about 12,000 years ago. In 2021, Gothenburg celebrated 400 years, and in the exhibition "Discover 400 years of history" you can see objects from 17th century Gothenburg onwards. "The thing about Gothenburg" is another exhibition where Gothenburg during the 20th century is depicted. There is also an exhibition about Vikings and this summer those interested in fashion can visit the exhibition "Augusta Lundin - The first fashion house in Sweden".


Located at Säve Airport is the exciting underground Aeroseum, which is one of the National Swedish Museums of Military History. There are many types of aircrafts here, both historical and modern, civilian and military. At Aeroseum, you experience the aircrafts with all your senses, here you can, among other things, fly virtually, but you can also fly for real in an old helicopter or an old airplane.

At the museum there is a café serving light meals, snacks and coffee. To get to Aeroseum you take bus 35 from Hjalmar Brantningsplatsen and get off at the stop Granhäll, from there it is a 10 minute walk to Aeroseum.

Röhsska museet

Jonas Ingman/ Göteborg & Co

At the Röhsska Museum, which is the only special museum for design and crafts in Sweden, contemporary and historical objects come together. Among other things, there is an exhibition about chairs, over 500 chairs are shown where the earliest are from the 17th century. The exhibition "Inspiration East Asia", which has been a part of Röhsska's exhibitions since the museum opened in 1916, shows both ceramic objects, Chinese costumes and textiles. Many Nordic designers have been inspired by East Asian designs and techniques.

This summer you can take part in the exhibition "Migration - the Journey of Objects" which shows objects from all over the world. Here you can take part in patterns and motifs that are found in both different cultures and eras.

You can easily get to the Röhsska Museum, the bus and tram stop, Valand, is right outside the museum. On Röhsska's entrance level there is a café that serves both food, snacks and coffee.



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