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Drama in the GSOT finals

On Thursday the Gothia Special Olympics Trophy finals were played. All the six classes had their own final, and one game even had to be settled on penalties.

The sun was shining and it was really hot on Heden Thursday before lunch when it was time for the finals in GSOT. The six classes, that was created after the teams played on Monday, was about to get six winners.

The first two games started by 10.40, and then it was four more games before the prize ceremony that took place one o’clock.

These are the results:

Group A: Lithuania 1–Russia 2–0 (0–0)

In the first final of the day between Lithuania and Russia it took quite some time before the first goal was scored. With only five minutes left of the match it was the Lithuanians that took the lead and after a second goal in the very last minute the final score was 2-0. Lukas Jermakovas plays as left back in the team and he could celebrate the teams second straight victory in the tournament.

”I’m pretty upset over my own performance in the final, I was terrible, but we won and that was most important. I’m very happy for the team”, he says.

If he gets the chance he will be back again next year.

”This is a great tournament, the best I’ve been on, and I hope to be back next year and go for my third win”, he says.

Group B: Grunden BoIS blå–Lithuania 2 7–1 (2–0)

“This feels great. This is my first victory ever in Gothia Cup”, says the captain of Grunden BoIS Alexander Gaittino after the big win in the final.

Why do you think you win this?

“We’ve played great. We have also played like a team and fought very hard to win this tournament. I am a very proud captain, this is the funniest week I’ve ever had.”

Group C: Idrottsklubben Carlstad–BK Sport Mix 7–6 after penalties (0–0)

The game was over and the result was 0–0. It was time for penalties, and Isak Dahlgren scored the winning goal for his team Idrottsklubben Carlstad.

“This feels great. Now we’re winners”, says Dahlgren.

How is to win a final?

“My goal for this week was to win the tournament. Our cohesion is very good, and this group is amazing and is always there for each other.”

How did you feel during the penalties?

“It was nervous, but I had the feeling before the last penalty that I would score so we would win.”

Group D: Långared BoIS–Germany 3–0 WO

“It was a little bit boring that the Germans had to leave, but it’s great that we won”, says Malin Henriksson, player in Långared.

The team could celebrate the gold medal out on the pitch, even though they had not even played a game. The Germans had to leave walkover to catch their flight back home, which meant Långared won group D.

What do you think of your performances during the week?

“It’s been great. Everything has been wonderful, so now we’re gonna celebrate.”

What was the best thing about this week at Gothia Cup?

“I would say that it’s great with all the community we have here. Everybody can play football and that’s amazing”, says Henriksson.

Group E: Hong Kong–Finland 3–0 (0–0)

With a beautiful header Hong Kongs tall number 9 gave his team the advantage half way through the second half in the game against Finland. When the referee blew off the game he had scored another goal in the game that ended 3-0 to the asians. The highlight of the game was the first goal.

”I used my big head, it was my best goal in the tournament”, he says.

During the group stage he scored twice and in the just one game he doubled that figure. The Finnish side fought tremendously throughout the game but in the end they had to resign. After the game the teams thanked each other, showing up great fair play and courtesy. It was obvious the teams in GSOT have a good connection.

”It’s been a good week, it’s very nice to get to meet people from all over the world and make new friends”, the man of the match says.

Group F: Grunden BoIS vit–Älmhults IF 4–0 (2–0)

He’s only 13 years old, and in the final he kept a clean sheet and made sure Grunden BoIS won the trophy. The goalkeeper Wilhelm Odhage was very happy after the game.

“It was great. It feels so good and it’s so funny to play football. I’ve been goalkeeper for this team in three games, and it’s been so funny”, said Odhage after the impressive win.



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