Dylan Jacobson scored the first goal of the tournament - Gothia Cup
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Dylan Jacobson scored the first goal of the tournament

Dylan Jacobson became the first goal scorer in the Gothia Cup.

Dylan Jacobson from the American team NCE Soccer scored the first goal of the Gothia Cup 2022. The G13 team opened the tournament with a nice victory.
– I have a good feeling, says the 13-year-old girl.

NCE Soccer won the game against the Swedish team Kungsladugårds BK at Gothia Park Academy with 9-0. The first goal was scored in the second minute. Dylan Jacobson scored after a pass from her team-mate Caroline Stronski. It was also the first goal in the Gothia Cup 2022.
– I heard that. I have a good feeling, says Dylan Jacobson with a big smile.
She describes her opening goal.
– It was after a cross. I then took a one touch shot, says the 13-year-old.
Dylan Jacobson was very happy after the goal.
– We kind of ran together, she says.

They also won their second game. They defeated another Swedish team called Listerby IK/Hoby GIF.
– We’ve got a good start in the tournament. I think that we can win the Gothia Cup. I think we got this!
She has the time of her life right now.
– It’s a lot of fun in the Gothia Cup. It’s really cool that we flew here from the United States. We have so much fun and Gothenburg is a nice city.
NCE Soccer has many strengths.
– We’re very technical and we can pass the ball around the other teams.
She has scored in both games.
– I’m also technical and like to do things with my feet, says Dylan Jacobson.

Congratulations, Dylan!



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