Gothia Cup

EDY Sport Enrichment Center wants to come back – with your help

EDY Sport Enrichment Center from Ethiopia participated in Gothia Cup last year.

Now they’re raising money to get the opportunity to participate once again this summer.

The EDY Sport Enrichment Center is not just a football training facility. It’s a social enterprise that aims to enrich the lives of teenagers in Ethiopia through the power of the sport. They offer a range of programs for different age groups, from beginners to pro training, that help their students develop their skills, techniques and confidence in a fun and dynamic way. A fundraiser has been started to help the children to achieve their dream of playing in Gothia Cup this summer. The funds will cover costs for visas, airplane tickets, football equipment and other expenses.

– This year, we have a unique opportunity to participate in the worldwide football tournament Gothia Cup in Sweden. This is not only a chance to showcase our talents, but also a chance to honor the memory of one of our players who lost his life in an unforeseen accident during our previous visit last year. We’re determined to make the best out of a horrible situation and go back this year to win the tournament in honor of our fallen star and his family. But we need your support to make this happen, says the club in a joint statement.

If you want to help the Ethiopian children, who come from less fortunate backgrounds and have limited opportunities, to make their dreams come true, you can support their fundraiser HERE.