Gothia Cup

Elektroskandia hand out rainbow colored captain's armbands

Our official partner Elektroskandia works together with Gothia Cup to fulfill the global gender equality goals.

As part of this, Elektroskandia hand out team captain's armbands to all participating teams during Gothia Cup. Together, Elektroskandia and Gothia Cup work to achieve more equality worldwide.

On the team captain's armbands it is written:
"On the football pitch we are all the same – just as it should be outside of it. Human rights are essential for our mission to be the world’s largest meeting place for youth. Equality and prosperity must be available to everyone – regardless of gender, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or economic status. By wearing this captain’s band, your team illustrates all people’s right to be who they want to be and choose who they love."

Feel free to wear team captain armbands and spread this important message!