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Escuela de Fútbol Platense: "It's the experience we're here for"

The Argentinian team is ready for Gothia Cup!

After the weekend all teams participating in the Gothia Cup are now here and as of this morning, matches are being played. 1603 teams from 59 countries play in this years tournament. One of them is Argentinian team Escuela de Fútbol Platense in the Boys 12 class.
– It's really important for us to be here. The kids have a chance to represent Argentina which means a lot to us, says coach Matias Raia.

Gothia Cup has, because of the pandemic, been cancelled for two years. Now that the tournament finally is back, the club members of Escuela Platense look forward to a high-paced week.
– It is a beautiful experience. The result is not important for us, no matter if we win or lose. We want to learn and grow, says coach Matias Raia.

He stresses that the important thing is that the kids feel comfortable and have fun.
– We flew here through Amsterdam and we’re currently staying at a school. The kids are very happy being all together in one room and training together. It’s the first time abroad for one of them, so it’s a fresh, exciting experience.

Matias Raia is also very clear on what the team will do when not playing matches.
– We’re definitely going to visit Liseberg and ride the roller coasters, and we want to experience Swedish culture as much as we can.



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