Gothia Cup

FC Deren from Mongolia concluded European journey with a bang - Gothia Cup

B11 team FC Deren from Mongolia has made a grand investment in Gothia Cup.

To prepare for the tournament, they embarked on a month-long journey across Europe, participating in other competitions before arriving at the world's largest youth football tournament.

In Mongolia, football is on the rise, says the team’s coach, Garam Munkchuluun.
– The dominant sports back home are combat sports, as well as basketball and volleyball. However, in recent years, football has started to grow, which is exciting, he says.

The increased mongolian interest in football clearly manifested in the team's performance. In the B11 category, FC Deren made it all the way to the quarterfinals, surpassing 42 out of the 50 participating teams in the class.

Tuguldur Munkchuluun, one of the team's players, expressed satisfaction with their efforts in the tournament.
– I think we played well, and we won many matches. It has been a long journey, but it has been very enjoyable to play and make new friends, he says.