Gothia Cup

1. FC Slovacko will be the first G17 team from the Czech Republic in the Puma Trophy

It will be the first time ever that a girls' team from the Czech Republic is represented in the Puma Trophy category.

The elite club 1. FC Slovacko from the Czech Republic will participate in Puma Trophy with a G17 team for the very first time this summer.
– We've only heard superlatives about the tournament, says the coach Miroslav Zboril.

1. FC Slovacko is a football club based in Uherské Hradiste in the Moravian part of Czech Republic. The club’s elite teams play in the top divisions and the women's team participated in the Champions League qualification last season. This summer, they will come to the Gothia Cup with a very talented G17 team.
– Of course, we are very happy that we can participate in the tournament, for our players it's another experience and the possibility of meetings with foreign teams. We've only heard superlatives about the tournament, so we're really looking forward to it, says Miroslav Zboril, coach for the team and also for the national team for 17-year-old girls.

How would you like to describe the team?
– We've very technical players, our game is based on combination and dominance in ball possession. The basis of the team is made up by representatives of the youth categories.
I have heard that you have many national team players!?
– Yes, we have. The core of the team consists of representatives of the Czech and Slovak Republics WU19, WU17 and WU15 teams. They're the best players in the country in the given categories, I think that says it all. We've several national team players born in 2006, 2007 and 2008. I think there will be around ten national team players in the summer.
What do you think about the Gothia Cup, are the girls excited to come here?
– I’m happy for tournaments like the Gothia Cup. The players have the opportunity to meet foreign teams and different styles of play and have the opportunity to show their abilities and skills. For us coaches, this is a great opportunity to share our knowledge with coaches from all over the world and learn how football is done in other countries. We don't quite know what awaits us, but we're certainly all looking forward to the whole tournament; the matches, the environment and the atmosphere.
What are your goals with the tournament?
– We don't have any goals yet, they will come when the tournament starts approaching. But we always want to present ourselves with an active game and we want to win every match, I don't think it will be any different at this tournament. The players are ambitious and regret every failure, so the motivation will be taken care of, says Miroslav Zboril.