Gothia Cup

Feeling of community when Meet The World teams gathered

The world in one schoolyard? That was almost the feeling when this year’s SKF Meet The World teams gathered outside the school ISGR. Where teams from all over the world united with song and dance, taking pictures with each other and introducing themselves to their new neighbors for the coming week.

India, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, the flags were all around. With teams trying to out-chant each other, creating a joyful but also competitive atmosphere. But it didn’t take long before the somewhat isolated singing groups separated as countries melted together as a collective celebration. With players rushing around from one side of the schoolyard to the other with aim to be in as many pictures as possible. Conga lines were forming, consisting of players from different nations and different age-groups, flowing around the schoolyard surrounding the spectators who find themselves in the middle of the area. The sight was one of joy and togetherness, and one could say that it signified what Gothia Cup is all about. Meeting people from all around the world, making new friends and having fun together.

Julian Aguilar, coach of the Mexican team representing SKF watched the spectacle.

“It’s an amazing moment. A once in a lifetime opportunity to meet people from other nations”, says Julian.

The team he’s coaching will compete in the Girls 12 age-group, and is based in a school in Monterrey. He explains how being at the tournament will make the girls grow, both as persons and as a team. But the aim is not only to have fun and enjoy being there.

“We want to be competitive. To challenge ourselves against the European teams”, says Julian Aguilar.

SKF Mexico who will play in the Girls 12 age-group.

Dayami Guadalupe Corpus Estrada is one of the players in the team, and as everyone else she seems to enjoy the time at the schoolyard.

“It’s very exciting to meet all the other teams who’s living here”, says Dayami.

In the girls’ group they find themselves playing three Swedish teams: Åsa IF, Näsets SK and AIK FF. Dayami look forward to testing themselves against the Swedish opposition.

“I think it’s going to be very hard to compete with the other teams, but we’re going to enjoy it”, she says.

With Women’s football in Mexico growing after the creation of the new league Liga MX Femenil, the future looks bright for Dayami and her teammates. The target for the future is clear.  

 “The aim is to play in the Mexican national team”, she says.