Gothia Cup

Halmstads BK 2 beat Halmstads BK 1

Final: Boys 14B Halmstads BK 1 - Halmstads BK 2 0-5 (0-1)

An all-Halmstad final where either Team 1 or Team 2 would emerge victorious. Team 2 had the lead after the first half and also scored 2-0 early in the second half. The teams of course knew each other well and it was a close, well-played game.

Halmstad BK 2 though, did not allow Halmstad BK 1 to create much in the way of chances as their defense had a solid game. In the second half Team 2 took control and Team 1 never got back. The game ended with 5-0 as the final score.

– We got a bit careless at times but all in all we had a good game. It felt good to win over our teammates, says player Elion Zekaj from Halmstads BK 2.