Gothia Cup

First time in Gothia Cup – and this far south

The team has never played a game south of Tromsö in northern Norway. Now they are in the A Playoffs in Gothia Cup.

Finnsnes IL Fotballs B16 has never played a game south of Tromsö in northern Norway. But this year in Gothia Cup they are playing international games in an international environment in Gothia Cup.
– Of course we want to advance as far as we can. It's about working hard and have a fighting spirit, says Christyan-Teamrat Weldu Petros.

It was a long journey down to Gothenburg for the team, who had to split up for the trip. But once they were in place they have made the most out of it and have explored the city and had a great time. When we met them first they had just arrived and were checking out the area around the school where they are staying.
– It's nice here! A bit warmer than we are used to but I like it here, says Weldu Petros.

It is the first time they have played football south of Tromsö, which is in the far north of Norway. Weldu Petros hopes to experience new things but he is mainly focused on playing football.
– It's a good experience of course but the most important thing is to win football games, he says.

Christyan-Teamrat Weldu Petros finds the sheer size of the tournament inspiring.
– We're hoping to get noticed by other coaches and scouts and we're keen to show that we are good footballers, he says.

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