Gothia Cup

From the cold in Canada to Gothenburg’s summer climate

Streetball FC can play in any weather.

There are many factors that determine success in football. The weather, the playing field and practise are a few of them. Streetball FC from Canada can play in any weather, thanks to the Canadian climate.
– We practice a lot indoors because of Canadia's cold climate. The goal, however, is to play football outside - the way it's always been, says coach Souza.

Streetball FC formed after parents sent in applications to have their children join.
– The club is called Streetball FC since I'm from Brazil where we always play outside. I created the club together with their Canadian coach, and together we aim to create a strong Canadian team that gets to play outside as much as possible.

When the team decided to participate in Gothia Cup they started to practise with a focus on creating space through movement on the pitch. Practising indoors helped them develop tactics and decision making.
– When it was decided that we were attending Gothia Cup we started practising twice a week. We practice with the goal of turning the girls into professional football players. Gothia Cup is a fantastic experience for the girls, and it's the experience we're here for, Souza says.
After watching their game against Täby FK you notice that they are a tough team to play and that they have a very passionate coach.
– I'm tough on them because they need the guidance early in their careers. They're only 14 years old, but they work towards becoming professional players. Because of that they need to be able to handle the pressure. If they don't do well on the field and I tell them they did, I can't improve their skills. We do everything we do with passion and a big heart for football, says Souza.

Player Zahra Bains appreciates the coaching and loves playing in the Gothia Cup.
– My parents always say that an opportunity like this one is important to grab. I got invited by one of the parents and we started practicing together during the pandemic. Eventually one of the parents said "let's go to Europe" and so we did.

Do you have a specific goal with Gothia Cup?
– We aim to go all the way. I want to become a professional football player just like the others on my team. We're very grateful to be here and able to experience Gothia Cup, says Zahra Bains.