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G12: Lengkey match winner for KFV Segeberg

KFV Segeberg 2 are champions in Girls 12 – much thanks to the forward Hanna Lengkey who scored two goals in the game.

It only took about two minutes before the first goal came from Hanna Lengkey.

Just a few minutes after that it was showtime once again for Hanna Lengkey. This time with a powerful shot in the bottom corner of the goal.

Djursholm did everything they could in the hunt for a goal, but the Germans kept clear in front of their goal.

In the beginning of the second half FC Djursholm got a good chance for a reducer. A Segeberg player passed the ball back to the goalkeeper and the goalkeeper picked the ball up, so Djursholm received a freekick near the goal. But a German defender showed up and got rid of the ball.

KFV Segeberg could keep a clean sheet through the whole game and win by 2–0 – and they are the champions of Gothia Cup 2019.

“This is fantastic. We’ve had a lot of injuries, so it has been a tremendous team spirit through the whole tournament”, says the team’s coach.

Hanna Lengkey, the match winner and the one who got the prize as the MVP, agrees:

“It feels very good and the team is great. I am very happy”, she says after the game.


1–0 Hanna Lengkey, 2–0 Hanna Lengkey
MVP: Hanna Lengkey (KFV Segeberg)



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