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G14: Two late goals gave Södra Sandby the trophy

The final in Girls 14 between KFV Segeberg and Södra Sandby IF was a very tight and tough game. But towards the end, the Swedes were able to make two goals and win the trophy.

The two teams were fighting hard for the trophy. This was a game where the defense performances were the strongest. Both teams kept the clean sheet in the first half.

Södra Sandby had a freekick, and it looked like they scored. The team even celebrated, but the referee blew for offside.

In minute 41 Södra Sandy took the lead. Linnéa Philipsson showed up some great speed out on the right side of the pitch and passed not only one, but two defenders. Thereafter she went for a pass into the penalty area, but the ball hit a defender’s leg and went into the goal. 1–0 to the Swedes.

“That made me incredibly happy. I’ve scored just like that one time before. My thought was to pass it in so Thelma (Persson Welin) could score just like she usually does”, Philipsson says.

In the end of the match Astrid Antmar could score 2–0 – and Södra Sandby IF were champions.

“It feels amazing. We had it difficult in the beginning, we couldn’t score on our chances. We had the freekick that were offside, which we couldn’t understand. Their defense was pretty low so we had troubles coming through. But it all sorted out and that is wonderful”, Philipsson says.

On top of the victory Philipsson achieved the MVP prize after the game.

“I couldn’t believe it. It’s just amazing.”


0–1 Linnéa Philipsson, 0–2 Astrid Antmar
MVP: Linnéa Philipsson



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