Gothia Cup

G15: Team Odense Q wins “the double”

A Nordic Derby is always a tough game and The first final of this year’s Gothia Cup between Boo FF and Team Odense Q proved to be no different, with the Danish side coming out on top.

It was time for the first final, an exciting Nordic derby between Swedish Boo FF and Danish Team Odense Q. Two teams with impressive results in their previous matches and a perfect way to kick off the final day of Gothia Cup 2019. Team Odense Q, who also won the “most outstanding outfit” during the opening ceremony, opened the game in a confident way, with a lot of possession and high speed. Although struggling to find the real big chances they were able to break the deadlock after 15 minutes of play through Josefine Ladegourdie.

“I’m just so happy, it feels so great to score“, she says.

With a strong defence Odense made it hard for Boo to find ways forward and the crowd at Gamla Ullevi saw the Danish side end the second half with a two goal lead. A second goal coming from Camille Hoffman who put the ball in an open net after a nice cross from the right-hand side. Celebrating with her teammates, Josefine Ladegourdie is really pleased with how her team performed.  

“We came into the game wanting to play around the pitch, always moving the ball, I think we really did that. I’m really happy, and proud over the team right now“, she says.

Finding strength in their lead, Team Odense Q were able to keep the clean sheet and win with a total of score 4-0. The final goal was a beautiful solo run by Elisabeth Nielsen, which ended with the player smoothly rounding the goalkeeper and rolling the ball in the open net.

“It feels very good to score in a final like this, in a big stadium and with a lot of people supporting. I think the whole team played very well“, says Elisabeth Nielsen.

With a gold medal in the tournament and a first prize for the “most outstanding outfit” during the opening ceremony, Team Odense Q will be travelling home with a secured double. Although, lifting the Gothia Cup trophy might be the occasion the players will talk about more.

“The victory today is more important“, says Elisabeth Nielsen with a smile.

BOO IF – TEAM ODENSE Q 0-4 (0-2)

0-1 Josefine Ladegourdie, 0-2 Camille Hoffmann, 0-3 Ida Marie Jørgensen,
0-4 Elisabeth Nielsen
Yellow cards: 

Red cards: 

Josefine Ladegourdie (Team Odense Q)