Gothia Cup

G16: A comeback for Lerums IS

It was full speed ahead when Swedish Lerums IS faced Danish Viborg Q in the G16 final of this year’s Gothia Cup. Two undefeated teams and talented squads promised an entertaining game and ended with a long-awaited comeback for the Swedish side.

Lerums IS were playing their second straight final in Gothia Cup. Being beaten last year on penalties they marched into the game on Gamla Ullevi filled with hope and determination to make up for last year’s disappointment. This was going to be their year, and after a solid 2-0 win, it was finally Lerum’s time to celebrate.

“It feels fantastic“, says Alice Söndergaard.

Both teams have shown great attacking football during the tournament, winning all of their previous matches. Lerums IS entered the final with a goal difference on 26 for and 2 against, while Viborg Q came to Gamla Ullevi with 34 goals for and 2 against. Lerums IS came out strong, and even thou the back four in Viborg Q have represented a solid record for eight straight matches, the Swedish girls were able to create a couple of dangerous situations early in the game.

“We have really been pushing ourselves for this year. We wanted the comeback“, says Alice Söndergaard.

Holding out for the first ten minutes Viborg Q quickly managed to get themselves into the game, creating a much more open play. A bit of sloppiness from both sides on the midfield also gave the crowd some entertaining counter attacks, although with goalless results.

After a freekick from just outside the box the Viborg Q players saw the ball pass just over the crossbar, maybe touching it on its way into the stands behind the Lerum IS goal. A blistering first half came to an end with the score 0 – 0, but Alice Söndergaard was never nervous.

“I knew we were going to win, I could feel it. During halftime we pushed ourselves to keep on fighting and to work for each other“, she says.

The second half started in the same tempo as the first, but this time with Viborg Q on the attacking end. However, the tables soon turned as Hanna Wijk from Lerum IS scored the opening goal, rounding the defender and placing the ball out of reach for the goalkeeper. Minutes after Lerums IS were just inches away from extending the lead. The girls worked the ball upfield on the left-hand before finding a free-standing Karin Tebelius. Unlucky for the Swedish side, her shot hit the crossbar.

With an early lead in the second half Lerums IS were able to play it safe, mainly focusing on defending the own goal. Eventually the Danish pressure came to an end, when a quick counterattack for Lerums IS secured the second goal of the match. As Lerums IS’ top goal scorer, Alice Söndergaard was the one to put the ball in the net.    

“We wanted to give everything, and we did. Now it’s time to celebrate, like never before”, says Alice Söndergaard.  

LERUMS IF – VIBORG Q 2-0 (0-0)

1-0 Hanna Wijk, 2-0 Alice Söndergaard
Yellow cards: 

Red cards: 

Hanna Wijk
Seyma Hashlak, Turkey

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