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G18: A hometown victory for Göteborgs DFF

A tight game. A tough game. A Scandinavian derby. Everything you can wish for in a Gothia Cup final. And in the end – a winner from Gothenburg! “We tried to push ourselves to the end and we succeeded“, says MVP of the match Stinalisa Johansson.

The final between Göteborgs DFF and Vålerenga Fotball started out in slow, tactical way. Both teams came to the game with great confidence, having won all their previous matches together with scoring a lot of goals. A fact that made it clear; this truly was the possible final for the G18 class. But only one could come out on top in the tight clash, and it seems like Göteborgs DFF had the better tactics.

“During the break we talked about finding our game plan again and to get back into the middle of the pitch“, says Stinalisa Johansson.

After an uneventful first 25 minutes Stinalisa Johansson broke the deadlock on a chance that came from nowhere. A mistake in Vålerenga Fotballs’ backline made Stinalisa free with the goalkeeper and she could calmly place the ball by the right post. Being from Gothenburg Göteborgs DFF had big support from the stands, who easily made themselves heard, and helped the teamwork their defence.

“We wanted to protect our lead and do the job all the way through”, says Stinalisa Johansson.

It was hardly a surprise to see Vålerenga Fotball start the second half with more speed than their opponents. But as always when you’re hunting for an equalizer, the risk of giving the other team a possible counterattack is always present. Something Göteborgs DFF took advantage of after only ten minutes. Stinalisa Johansson went on an excellent solo run where she left the defender behind, tricked the goalkeeper and skilfully lifted the ball into the back of the net. Her second in the match.

“I saw that the goalkeeper was out of position and just went for it. It was an amazing feeling to see it go in and just felt like; we got this now”, says Stinalisa Johansson.


1-0 Stinalisa Johansson, 2-0 Stinalisa Johansson
Yellow cards: 

Red cards: 

Bareq Alinnbjörk, Sweden



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