Gothia Cup

Girl class is introduced in GSOT

The Gothia Special Olympics Trophy will mark ten years in next year’s tournament. It will also premiere a new category ”The interest for a separate girl category is big enough that we can now do this, which is very fun”, says competition manager Niclas Andersson Freiholtz

The Gothia Special Olympics, previously called the Kim Källström Trophy, have been part of the Gothia Cup since 2011. The tournament welcomes anyone with any kind of intellectual disability. In the past there have been mixed teams with both girls and guys but in next year’s tournament there will also be a class for only girls in GSOT.

”We’re constantly trying to develop all parts of the Gothia Cup and we think it’s great fun that we can introduce this new class”, says Niclas Andersson Freiholtz.

Of a total of 30 teams participating in GSOT, six of them will be girls teams that will play against each other in one of the groups. Gothia Cup 2020 begins with the big arrival day on July 12, the first matches being played on July 13. The group stage in GSOT is played at Kviberg and the finals takes places, just like previous years, at Heden.

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